I am writing this update to answer the many text messages, emails etc. that I have received since the business has been on hiatus. According to those texts and messages and other random talk that has gotten back to me, many people seem to be under the impression that I stopped conducting estate and household liquidation sales because I was either having a serious health crisis or that there was some other type of trouble or issue that had gotten in the way. I am happy to say that none of that is true. My health is great and there was no other issue or problem of any kind whatsoever with the business. On the contrary things were going better than ever when I left and business was booming. I closed up simply because I wanted some time off from that job, at least for a while. I was growing more and more exhausted from the extreme man hours required to set up the often-massive household accumulations in the well-organized and elaborately displayed manner for which we had become known, along with everything else it took to maintain the general level of quality to which people regularly attending our sales had become accustomed. Plus I'd been active in that line of work since the 1990's. The years were flying by, I wasnt getting any younger, and there were other things that needed to get done before reaching old age.

But as far as all the years spent, no regrets at all. It was surprising to all of us how quickly things progressed once the business was up and running and I'm very proud of how far we took it and of everything we accomplished and of the reputation we earned. I am extremely thankful to the many people who attended regularly over the years and responded favorably, recommending us to their friends, etc. Im also very happy for all of the clients whose sales we were able to conduct, many of whom turned to us because no one else would help them.

In all, we had a good and long run and I'm glad to have been able to walk away while we were in a good place and not a bad one.

So to all the people who thought I was sick, thank you for your notes and concern but I'm fine. And to anyone who assumed there was some other type of trouble or a scandal of some sort I'm sorry to disappoint you but no such trouble or scandal exists or existed, either then or now.

And regarding how soon the sales might be up and running again, the question most frequently asked of us, there are no plans to re-open at this time. But never say never, all of the equipment was saved and is in storage, the web site is still up, etc. and we are still getting the occasional call. So things could start up again at any point. And if the right estate or household liquidation opportunity or situation presents itself that just might happen!

So thanks again and for further updates stay tuned to this site,



copyright Rick Kaye, Buffalo NY